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N S UCH NV'99 Emoyenis Liveable Little Babe

Squirrel hunting season have startet according to Babe & Co

I was born in '98 in Sweden, at Emoyeni's Kennel. They called  me Babe and I think it's because of my ultra feminin nature - but I've also overheard Mom saying I'm named after a pig (!) in some movie - surely this can not be true (hrmmff!) Mom also calls me "BabyBabe", "Snoopy" and "BAIBBB!!!!" (last one means I'm in trouble)

Babe og Sulawezi 2001Babe og Sulawezi 2004
She ain't heavy, she's my daughter... Even dough she's grown a bit over three years!

seven months1 1/2 yearssix years
Babe developing from seven month puppy to six year old lady

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