F e r d i n a n d
by NUCH NV'99 Madahiro's d'Spellmaker, Rånåsfoss, Norway

This is the Famous Ferdinand - or rather - what Ferdinand is Famous for: RELAXING! Everything can be made into an art, and Ferdinand has a greater talent in this area than we could possibly hope for. Already as a small (?? Ferdinand has always been on the larger side) puppy he preferred to stay at home, eating and sleeping,- breaking an occasional glass or a vase with his constantly wagging tail, but otherwise: stay calm,- rather than running (he's always resented that word) around with other dogs like most puppies do. We tried to carry him out in the forest to see if this could arouse the wilder side of him, - but no - he strolled Puhhh - exhausted...along and found a good place to lie down - and stayed there until we picked him up and carried him back home. It's safe to say we didn't try this too many times - he got heavier "by the minute" and all the growing seemed to take every bit of energy from the beautiful little puppy.

Ferdinand hates trouble. Sneering dogs, angry people - whatever: If he suspects the situation might get ugly, he seeks the fastest way out of there. At home he acts like a peacemaker if I get upset over something: He comes over to me,- puts his big head into my lap and offers me kisses,- his tail wagging a bit: "Mom - please don't get mad, it was only a pizza - we can eat it from the floor,- no problem, right???" This actually works - it is very hard resisting his charm - even if I have to scrape the pizza off the floor and make a new dinner...

He is also a bit anxious about his feet and ears - the vet has a hard time examine them even if she bribes him with all kinds of treats. He hates the shots as well - you can hear him scream from a distance, but once the vet is done he runs over to her giving her a big, wet kiss - it is like he's saying; "I like YOU, but I HATE that you do those things to me!"

Ferdinand is born with a whistle inside his trout. This whistle comes in handy in different situations, but mostly when
A: There are interesting girls in his surroundings
B: There are interesting food in his surroundings
or finally
C: There are interesting food and girls in his surroundings

Somehow it doesn't matter at all that this whistling sound never actually results in anything good (the best he can achieve is me going totally bananas and yell: "SHUT UP!"). He has a patience that lasts forever: "Whii Whii Whiii Whiiiiiiiiiiiii Whiiiiiiiii" looking very sad at the same time. better when I can sit on someones lapThe only thing that seems to have some effect is if I cuddle with him and let him kiss me all over - the very last thing I feel for when my patience is gone and my nerves are outside my skin.

Ferdinand has attended quite a few dog shows, with rather good results as well. However this is NOT one of his favorite activities - running (there's that awful word again) around in the ring with a bunch of other boys - none of them being of any interest at all. Of course the bright side is that there will always be some treats which he really appreciates. Also there might be a chance of licking the judge, which makes it all a bit more fun. Ferdinand is a Super Kisser, probably one of the better in the dog world (though his father Lex is a really good kisser too)

my dear dear sister

Now Ferdinand is a handsome, grown-up guy with all the dignity in the world. He is still very calm, except for some riots in the forest when he runs around like mad - playing with Babe & Bagheera or other dogs. When he wants to he can move extremely fast, and you can feel the earth shake under this 53 kg large dog. Still he is very content if he can stay at home, rest his big head on his sister or brother and wait for the next meal. I often wish for a bit more enthusiasm and working spirit, but no-one has more love to give than Ferdinand. He is a true friend and the sweetest dog I've ever known.