F e r d i n a n d

NUCH NV'99 Madahiro's D'Spellmaker
GB NSUCH Jespah Alekzandr Of Janak x Ridgehunters Zhelina
15/03/97 - 26/03/05
Photo by Bo Hansson
They say that no one is perfect - but you were Ferdinand...
Okay maybe you were a bit too large for our small living room, and maybe a bit too relaxed to win every dog show... And maybe your tongue was a bit too long, because you always managed to kiss everyone. Maybe you were too good, because we miss you so much and we know that Bente miss you even more...
We will never forget you Ferdinand - you were truely one in a million.

"I was born in '97 in Trøndelag, Norway, at Madahiro's Kennel. I was named after the bull in the Disney Classic - who had the same - hrmmm - pleasent personality as myself... Other nicknames were "Ferdis", "Berdis", "Nansen" and "Ferdinansegutten".
March 2003 I moved to my favourite person Bente and her daughter Christina.

Who I was - According to LindaMum
Photo Session